At The Water's Edge Adventures


Branding and Website Design

A startup kayak adventure company in Canada needed a brand and a site that sold tours.

After the client completed their brief document, we jumped on a call and I soon had a great idea of their aesthetic. 

From the initial logo concepts they knew the direction they wanted to go. We had some minimal adjustments; the angle of the paddle to better represent ocean kayaking, the sunset colours were adjusted and the generic mountain range was changed for an iconic peak in their town. They were stoked with the result. 

With the brand ready to go, I started building a moodboard for their site, which was immediately approved. 

I collaborated with the content creator assigned to the site to work out a wireframe of the homepage. The styled mockup followed and with a few suggestions to the hierarchy of the homepage content, we soon had approval to start building the site.

This process was completed over six weeks, from sale to delivery, with each piece of the process sent out according to schedule.


Our final delivery was a branding package including logo files, social media imagery and branding guidelines. The website launched slightly late with a small hold-up on the client's end.

At the Water's Edge Adventures Logo - Pr

Final logo, featuring a stylised version of Castle Mountain close to ATWEA base.


Initial concepts presented to client.

Initial logo concepts presented to the client.

Branding Guidelines - At the Water's Edg
Branding Guidelines - At the Water's Edg
Branding Guidelines - At the Water's Edg

Some pages from the branding guidelines.