The following is an (ever growing!) list of my services. If you have a project in mind but it's not listed below, feel free to ask the question. I have many talents, but if your request isn't one of them I will do my utmost to put you in touch with a professional who can!

Logo design

That all important logo! The face of your company, reflecting both your personality and what you offer as a business. It's hard to get right, but that's half the fun! Let's have a chat and create a design brief between us, I'll then create 3 concepts for you to choose from. After that, we can make changes and tweak things until it's really talking to you!


Business cards

The ubiquitous business card! Have a slick card to pull out of your pocket and you'll look like a pro every time. Let me help you capture your brand in a tiny little rectangle of cardboard so you can show it to the world!

Websites & Apps

The full story of your business! This is where your clients can find out everything they need to know about you. It is a complete showcase of your brand and it's where people go for their information now. It's a pretty big deal! Whether you just need a one page site to assert your web presence or a complex site profiling the many aspects of your business, I can get you online. I use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform to build you a unique site (no templates here!) and this means you can later edit things yourself, if and when you want to.


While I don't have all the gear and know-how of a professional photographer, I take a pretty good snap. If you're having trouble capturing what you need to showcase your business give me a call. I'll get you the shot you need without the professional pricetag. Or maybe you have the perfect pic but it needs some tidying up, Photoshop is our friend! If you're after a real professional, I'll do my best to put you in touch with a great photographer.

Film &

video editing

Have you been contemplating that youtube style advertisment? An interview with your clients to showcase your business? Or an explanatory film to show potential clients what you can do? Are you baulking at the professional film rates? I can help you there. I've recently started dabbling in film and editing and would love the opportuntiy to do more. Let's get together and discuss your project.



flyers & booklets

Got some great content you're just dying to hand out to your clients but want it to look sharp and professional? Need to do a mail drop to drum up some business? I can make your content shine, and proof read it for you to boot! Whether it be a trifold brochure, DL flyer, a postcard style maildrop, bi-fold pamphlet or 200 page book, I can get it print ready and looking fine in time for you deadlines. 

Labels & Packaging

This can be a tricky one to get right! Drawing your customer in, leading their eye though everything you need them to see (including the obligatory stuff) and getting the size and layout correct, especially when there are tricky templates involved! I've got you covered. Whether it be food packaging, album art, wine labels, anything!


Booths & Signage

Large format design can be tough. Is this photo large enough? Will they be able to read this from over there? Take the guess work out and let me look after it.


A work of art in themselves. Posters really need to engage with your audience, and at a glance! As well as getting all that info on there without it looking like SO much text. But I'm pretty good at this, trust me.


Have you got some really great data but need it to be easily accessible to all? Infographics are a great way to explain your data with images, so anyone can see what's going on, at a glance.


We all know the importance of getting noticed in the workforce. Stand out with a custom-designed resume illustrating your strengths and highlighting your abilities. Whether it's just smartening up your formatting and giving you a unique look or turning your CV into an infographic masterpiece, get in touch, I can help you out!



We all hate filling the darn things in. But the difference between a well layed out form and the one your neighbour's kid did in notepad is HUGE. Let me make form-filling-out fun (or at least easier!) for your clients.