Crop Hair Design



A country hair salon wanted a brand that really represented them. Their approach was holistic care, sustainable products and warm service.

They had created their own logo with an online tool but felt it was time for a professional touch. 

With her busy schedule, we didn't manage to get on a call, but worked on the brief on google docs and communicated via instant messaging. When I felt I had everything I needed, I proceeded to build some concepts.

Although my client didn't request handwritten type, many examples they provided contained flowing scripts so I created this concept with custom type. She remarked that she really had no idea what she wanted until I showed her this.

The 'r' extends into a leaf to illustrate the play on words for Crop; cutting hair in a farming (cropping) town. It also ties into the natural product aesthetic they were aiming for.

With some very minor adjustments to the leaf, I had approval and created her branding package with social media assets and an appointment card.

Logo Showcase Crop Hair Design.jpg

Flowing custom text (like a good head of hair).

old logo.jpg

Before and after.

Crop business card.jpg

As the branding project went so smoothly, I had time up my sleeve to do up some appointment cards.


The new look on social, where most of their promotion is done.