Experience Japan


Branding, photography and UI design


A Japanese entrepreneur approached me to create visuals for an app he was developing. He had already engaged a developer and the UX was set, so I set to work creating assets.

He knew exactly what he wanted for the logo and provided excellent reference images. The logo came together swiftly.

After I had the icons, buttons and various other assets approved, it was just a matter of piecing together a few screens as a style reference for the developer and exporting all the assets they would need.

As the project was coming to a close, my client mentioned they wanted to take some photos of tourists to use for the app and marketing. I didn't know a photographer in Osaka, but I offered to organise the shoot myself.

We put out a call for models at a local hostel and set off to Shinoji Temple. For an amateur shoot we got some great results.

Experience Japan - Mobile Layout.jpg

The results of our photo shoot.

Experience Japan logo.png

The fastest logo design project ever, made possible by great reference images supplied by my client.


Some screens from the style reference supplied to the developer.