Raine & Horne


Implementation of new branding guidelines.


The local Rain & Horne office was one of our clients. When the national brand released a new style guide, I was given the task of bringing all the print collateral I had created up to date with the changes.

They had an extensive booklet of vacation properties. Luckily my master pages functioned well and I was able to easily update all pages simultaneously. Vector maps were an easy changeover of logos. We printed many DL cards to be used as maildrops. These required the new footer which really lifted their look.

Overall, a really well put together style guide allowed me to improve all of the pieces for our client and remain on-brand for Raine & Horne nationally.


DL cards used as maildrops, updated with new branding.


Large booklets made good use of master pages to ensure the changeover was simple.

Multi-layered vector maps were used on large folding brochures.