Return & Earn


UX/UI Design


Our mission was to design a user-friendly application to engage the community in responsible recycling. 

We performed a brand analysis focusing on their vision, mission, target audience, value proposition and competitors.

It seemed there could be a large number of users under 15 years old and we wanted to encourage this.

We followed with user stories, a couple of personas and storyboards. This in turn gave us our feature list which we placed into a prioritisation matrix.

Paper prototype testing was promising but gave us some problems to solve. LoFi testing highlighted some areas to improve and meant changing an entire flow.

We analysed the brand visually and put together a mood board containing the assets we would use for UI. We tested our type and buttons to rate WCAG AA.

After a few rounds of HiFi prototype testing, we had a very user-friendly and fun experience suitable for all ages but engaging our younger users with characters and rewards.

Screens Mockup.jpg

Screens from the final HiFi prototype.

Brand Analysis - Return & Earn (4).jpg
Brand Analysis - Return & Earn (3).jpg
Brand Analysis - Return & Earn (2).jpg

Presentation of reserch.

Brand Analysis - Return & Earn.jpg
Brand Analysis - Return & Earn (1).jpg

Some screens from paper and LoFi prototyping.